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Creating a great workspace in the time of the pandemic is a dream come true for many of us. With 365 spaces, you get to have your own private office with the full flexibility to make it your own. . Now, more than ever, we need office spaces that reduce the clutter in our lives and help us work better, not longer.

All our office spaces are fully air-conditioned, are well ventilated with the best views and natural lights to provide an optimal environment to the modern professional. Our ergonomically designed chairs and tables ensure that your physical comfort isn’t compromised at any point during long calls and endless spreadsheets. We even have additional security features that include surveillance cameras to monitor private space and ensure that nobody tresspasses in your workspace.

Ideal for

Teams, individuals, and freelancers who love work-life balance

Startups with team size of 0-5, Individuals such as marketing professionals, designers, chartered accountants and software developers.

Loaded with Amenities

Access to common areas, events, printers, phone booths, parking, mail & package handling, conference/meeting rooms, 24/7 office access, super-fast WiFi, access to the spacious cafeteria, and our super friendly staff. Also, we do provide professional services*.

Network & Learn

Opportunity to bounce off your ideas with the next-door hustler. Maybe your next lunch time chat can lead to your next big client, the possibilities are endless.

About 365 Spaces

Our business was established in December 2013. For 7 years, we have helped enterprises discover and build the best workspace for their employees. Our wide location networks let businesses, big and small to work from different places in Bengaluru and the way they need.

Our extensive network of office spaces has built a thriving business community of thousands of people.


Pricing Plans

HSR Layout Sector 5 ₹5500 +GST

Private Office

HSR Layout Sector 5 ₹5500 +GST

Private Office

HSR Layout Sector 5 ₹5500 +GST

Private Office

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