We’ll help you work on your own terms.

Just can’t focus on work from your bed? Well, pop on your sneakers and get to 365 spaces. Hot desks are for every professional who likes to work on the go and feels stimulated by a new environment. With a hot desk, you get the complete freedom to work when you want and pick any desk that you want in our space.

Equipped with a scrumptious cafeteria, your next cup of coffee, and an omnipresent clean desk, hot desks are everything that a young individual needs to boost their productivity, upscale their work, and get into the zone. 365 Spaces recognizes that you need quiet, peace, sunlight, and a well air-conditioned room with a comfy work desk to get a head start on their to-do list.

Ideal for

Freelancers and creative individuals

The best part about a hot desk is its affordable price tag. Creative individuals who need a big desk to do their research and work on their next best idea love the flexibility of 365 spaces.


Students need solitude to go through their 100 tabs and 11 windows to write that perfect assignment. Hot desks are perfect for young students who want to take their deadlines seriously.


Networking is the most underrated activity in the creative industry and working on a hot desk gives you the chance to interact with new people, every single day. In such an environment, getting new clients becomes seamless.

Loaded with amenities

At 365 spaces, we make it easy for individuals to work remotely by putting all luxurious amenities at your disposal. You can go to our cafeteria for a much-needed break or get access to our professional services* to help you out.

About 365 Spaces

Our business was established in December 2013. For 7 years, we have helped enterprises discover and build the best workspace for their employees. Our wide location networks let businesses, big and small to work from different places in Bengaluru and the way they need.

Our extensive network of office spaces has built a thriving business community of thousands of people.


Pricing Plans

HSR Layout Sector 5 ₹5500 +GST

Dedicated Office

HSR Layout Sector 5 ₹5500 +GST

Dedicated Office

HSR Layout Sector 5 ₹5500 +GST

Dedicated Office

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