Need to close the next high-ticket deal? This is where business happens.

This is where you’re going to land your next big client. Meeting spaces are paramount for brainstorming, discussions, and ground-breaking whiteboard sessions. After all, nothing beats the feeling of being with your colleagues, making jokes, and helping each other out to do accomplish great things. With this vision, meeting desks are created to give you and your team the privacy, luxury, and positivity every workplace needs.

Equipped with high-speed internet, TV screens, and access to our super-friendly staff; meeting desks have everything to make you feel at ease. In our experience, we’ve found out that a team can get into deep work if they’re unbothered by pesky logistical issues. This is why, we’ve made 365 spaces a premium place where work happens without any stress.

Ideal for

Companies with remote operations and start-ups

Meeting desks are ideal for small MNC branches that need to concur every once in a while to go over important projects. They also serve as the perfect incubation center for young entrepreneurs who need to gather their team and discuss their next big move.

Business professionals

Many B2B companies and manufacturing plants need access to a professional space where they can meet with international clients and go over deals and agreements.

People looking for amenities in the workspace

Access to common areas, printers, phone booths, parking spaces, mail & package handling, conference/meeting rooms, 24/7 office access, high-speed reliable WiFi, and our reliable and well-trained staff. Also, your team can always contact us for our professional services* to go the extra mile.


Closed-door meetings are important for every work environment. Be it an important product/service launch or going over discretionary documents, meeting desks are designed to give you and your team the space it deserves.

About 365 Spaces

Our business was established in December 2013. For 7 years, we have helped enterprises discover and build the best workspace for their employees. Our wide location networks let businesses, big and small to work from different places in Bengaluru and the way they need.

Our extensive network of office spaces has built a thriving business community of thousands of people.


Pricing Plans

Meeting room ₹400/hour
Conference room ₹600/hour

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